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In Italy, as in many other places, there are many events and festivities that are celebrated throughout the year. Many of the festivals are free, although there are also some for which you have to buy an entrance ticket, they usually commemorate historical or religious events and they usually include processions, traditional costumes and lots of food; That is why here we show you a selection of the best festivals in Italy, so you can choose which one to visit and enjoy anywhere in Italy.


1. Carnivals in Venice

One of the most famous carnivals is held in the city of Venice, although this holiday is celebrated throughout the country. The activities are usually carried out weeks in advance, thus receiving the original date of the carnival, which always falls in February.

2. The Palio of Siena

This is one of the most famous canopies made in Italy, it consists of a horse race in the Il Campo square, which has the particular shape of a fan, where 17 representatives from each contrade or neighborhood compete to reach the canopy. This celebration takes place between July and August along with other pre-race events.


3. L'Ardia di San Costantino

It is one of the biggest festivals in Sardinia, which takes place during the month of July and whose race commemorates the victory of Constantine on the Mulvian Bridge in 312. This event is not only a race, but also has a peculiar touch spiritual. In addition to witnessing the races, you can enjoy the local cuisine in the different food stalls, making it also a great party to eat.

4. Festa della Madonna Bruna

The Madonna Bruna festival on July 2 in Matera is one of the most interesting processions in Italy. The procession has a surprise ending and at night there is a fireworks show over the Sassi of Matera, which are basically residential complexes carved out of the rocks, from which you have a truly beautiful view.

5. The Quintana

The city of Ascoli Piceno, in the central region of Italy, Marche, has a tournament held as if it were a medieval joust and is La Quintana, which takes place on the first Sunday of August. The highlight of the festival is the pre-competition procession where people parade in medieval costumes. After the tournament a procession is held with the winner and there are parties that last until late at night.

6. Regatta of the Old Maritime Republics

It is a historical regatta, a competition between the four maritime republics, which are Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice. This competition takes place on boats called Gozzi, being conducted by a team of eight rowers. Before the regatta there is a colorful procession with the participation of each republic dressed in traditional medieval costumes. The festival location rotates every year.

7. San Biagio Festival

The San Biagio Festival might not be one of the biggest festivals in Italy, but it is celebrated in various places in the country. That event takes place in Avetrana, on the Salento peninsula of Apulia, the heel of the boot of Italy and lasts for two days accompanied by lots of music, food and an interesting procession, giving an idea of ​​how one lives typical holiday in southern Italy.

8. The Disfida

Archery contest, between the neighborhoods of Fivizzano, located in Lunigiana, north of Tuscany and is held in July. Although it is not a big festival, it is a typical festival with a medieval procession, flag throwers and fireworks. Archery contests are held in other cities as well, such as in Montalcino, also in the Tuscany region.

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