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Essenza Collection

"Exclusivity and Elegance"


Essenza is the new collection of the Adora brand, which includes decoration elements for your living room, dining room and bedroom. This collection embodies contemporary elegance in small details that define the search for aesthetics, achieved to create each piece of furniture. The concept is inspired by the classic / contemporary dualism, and the contrasting textures of two beautiful finishes, embellished by elegant gold details. The contrast between the dark tones of the wenge wood and the glossy marble finish, with its typical bronze veins, is the leitmotif of this collection. The entire collection is enhanced by the satin gold elements used for the metal handles of the nightstands, the window frames, the dining tables and living room furniture. The precious details are characterized by the linear shape of the furniture profiles that marks the silhouette of the furniture. Bold details that contrast with the finishes, making each piece of furniture even more sober and important, enveloping its structure, and giving it shine. The purity of the decorations is combined with extreme attention to detail, in a daring and sophisticated synergy. that defines the essence of furniture. A unique style that shows great aesthetic potential, while ensuring functionality and elegance. Essenza is an expression of elegance, value and functionality.


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